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Kohinoor manufactures a range of coarse and fine count yarn.

Cotton Yarn NE 10/1-100/1
Cotton yarn is produced from premium quality Pakistani, Extra Long/ Medium Staple CIS, US Pima and Egyptian cotton. The fine combed yarn manufactured from the finest cotton is generally used for all high-end home products.
Blended Yarn NE 30/1-80/1

Blended yarn is produced with polyester fibre. The fine poly-cotton yarn is blended with ELS cotton and is generally used for products such as bed linen etc.

Special Fibre CVC Yarn
Kohinoor has developed innovative products using CVC blended with Bright and Lyocell fibres.
In order to keep up with new trends and developments, Kohinoor places the utmost importance on product development. Several products currently under development include:
  • Coarse Count yarn with Pakistani, FiberMax, Australian, PIMA
    and GIZA Cottons for Knitting and Weaving.
  • Knitting Yarn for Shirts with FiberMax, Memphis, Brazilian and
    Australian Cotton.
  • Compact Yarn with Els Cotton Like PIMA, GIZA and CIS.
  • Double Yarn (2 Ply, 3 Ply and 4 Ply).
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